Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends Expected To Grow In Post-Covid World

The pandemic has disrupted the whole world. Businesses that have previously jumped on the digital transformation journey better pivoted in such crises-riddle time. We all realize the importance of adopting advanced technologies like AI, IoT, XR. The COVID19 caused some trends to disappear, but many will still exist and continue to evolve even stronger. So, which software development trends will be our new norms? 

Let’s find out!

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends Expected To Grow In Post-Covid World

Business applications and collaboration tools integration as software development trends

In the future, we expect to see collaboration tools be integrated with business applications, leading to communication and interaction among all team members will take place in one system. All users don’t have to move between multiple communication applications like messengers, mailboxes, and business tools to get their work done. 

Any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, customer relationship management (CRM) system, or even accounting system will be equipped with messengers and calendars for easy interaction.

After the pandemic shook us up quite severely, tech giants like Microsoft have noticed the demands for one system that allow us to perform all business tasks. They integrated Teams into business applications; simultaneously, Salesforce acquired Slack. 

This trend is expected to grow and change every day. But surely, they will not disappear anytime soon.

The demand for data security will remain on top

Another digital transformation trend is the demand for data security will be the priority. As the amount of personal data accumulated by companies grow exponentially, protecting our data has become extremely important. The sensitivity of personal data will only increase as our data will contain health data.

Moreover, due to the increase in the remote workforce working in their home offices, the cybersecurity perimeter of business will expand. The company will have to take care of their businesses’ data. Additionally, all data provided to AI algorithms need to be carefully protected at all stages of the AI processes.

More immersive e-commerce market

In 2021, it is reported that the number of users visiting e-commerce websites increased sharply. It is not too exaggerated that all of us are finally getting used to online purchasing. We have performed online shopping more comfortably and naturally. Don’t we all agree that online shopping has proven to be very efficient under self-isolation restrictions compared to the direct one? 

However, the buyers’ habits and behaviors are also changing: they want to try the product and services in their wishlist before spending money.

The trend of “try before you buy” has elevated with the help of telecommunications, AR, and VR technologies. Customers can now experience the services or use the trial of one particular product before their decision-making. 

This leads to retailers are striving to provide their customers with a truly immersive experience and let them see and try goods before the purchase. Therefore, we will see a more dynamic and immersive e-commerce market. 

Big changes in the retail industry

Like mentioned, online shopping is now the new normal, but this is only the stepping stone of the whole transformation in the retail industry.

Retailers will soon use technology like the Internet of Behaviors technology to collect information about their customers to provide personalized services. 

Contactless sales mode will eventually replace traditional stores, at least in a critical time like this. In addition, manufacturers will be able to eliminate the intermediaries, in this case - stores, by deploying the direct-to-customer (D2C) model. 

Of course, brick-and-mortar stores will not be gone, but at least the reality will be altered a bit for retailers. 

All businesses move to the cloud

Cloud services have become a must for any software development outsourcing services. If you talk to any top software companies, you’ll realize that the world is shifting from legacy systems to clouds now. Clouds is one of the most emerging software development trends in the outsourcing industry. 

The reasons behind this are, of course, flexibility and scalability. 

SMBs and even big ones are aware that investing in the cloud is a cost-effective strategy compared to any on-premises data storage approach.

As we’re all working remotely now, you can easily see the benefit of the cloud and, ultimately, utilize it to expand your business and adapt to any infrastructure challenges.

AI will be our big supporter

As for anyone scared of AI will eventually replace humans in the workplace, the good news is AI will be our big supporter instead. This is the digital transformation trend that we’re not likely to see. AI is a technological phenomenon that enhances our working capabilities rather than replacing us.

Machine learning/deep learning, object character recognition, big data, computer vision, natural language processing, etc., are the technologies we refer to when using the word AI. Bots have taken over many manual jobs; however, there are still more new jobs emerge in the labor market that needs humans.

Adding AI technology to your business operations will provide your employees with valuable insights. All key decision-makers can now be relieved since they know their decisions are made upon and back up by proper research and data.

The connectivity of all devices

With the price dropping of IoT sensors, and the growth of edge computing, and the emergence of 5G, IoT sensors can be used in any industry. We expect to see all devices’ connectivity as one of our leading digital transformation trends in the upcoming years.


Digital transformation is all about technology, data, process, and organizational change. The pandemic has indeed made massive impacts on our economy and society. We hope that this article has provided you with the necessary information so you can keep up with the global digital transformation/software development trends!

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