Why A Digital Overhaul Is Significantly Essential For Businesses In 2021?

Over the past ten years, almost every business has digitized its operating process following the new era of digital transformation. Companies can now generate more revenue lines by focusing on connecting processes across departments to identify and serve the evolving customers’ needs.

However, last year’s economic and social upheaval has clear the disparity between the progress of digital transformation across businesses and industries. 

Companies that have been planning digital transformation for years have realized that they have to transform fast. In a recent report, it is revealed that 7 out of 10 organizations agreed that they could have been more resilient if they had invested more in digital transformation before the pandemic.

In fact, researchers have found businesses who effectively use technology like AI, automation, and IoT not only benefit from a new way of streamlined working but also see profits and growth during the pandemic.

How to Achieve Digital Overhaul Goals?

Digital reinvention is all about recombining business models, processes, and operations. In particular, technology is only a tool for digital reinvention. For example, in the same report, leaders who have discovered new ways of working that are supported by technologies such as cloud and AI have found themselves adapting to changes in customers and markets faster. 96 percent of leaders who participated in the survey stated that they planned to digitally reinvent their businesses as a response to COVID19, only 47 percent of laggards.

However, it is not too late for those who are not ready to reinvent themselves digitally. Digital transformation is not a race, it’s more like a hopscotch game, where businesses identify their final goal and hop forward to reach it.


Digital transformation is essential to help organizations to achieve their desired goals and be more resilient in such a pandemic. It supports agility, so your business can innovate faster and react to market changes faster. 

Moreover, a culture that supports digital reinvention is essential to make a difference at this level. The tone must be defined at the beginning to illustrate the digital reinvention efforts across executive functions. This plays an important factor in achieving success. 

Therefore, organizations should treat their technology as a product that requires continuous maintenance, rather than a project with start dates and deadlines. When perceive and measure technology this way, it becomes a continuous journey in terms of the business value it provides. Moreover, when business goals change and evolve over time, the technology that supports these goals changes and evolves as well. Agile thinking encourages flexibility, and the willingness to take action is particularly strong in achieving continuous innovation and driving digital transformation and reinvention.

Becoming a leader in the industry

No matter how big a company is, the industry is always competitive. To remain relevant and be the leader in the industry, all businesses need to evolve and embrace digital offerings. All industries now are led by evolving customer expectations and new competitors. When a company embraces digital reinvention and digital transformation will be more agile.

With the right platform, working culture, and tone from the top, any company that’s willing to transform its business and will gain the opportunity to meet today’s customer expectations and grow its ability to stay competitive in the future.

In addition, the software development team is needed to be proper empowered so that they can instigate digital reinvention to create new business lines, which can help maintain leadership despite rapid changes in customer needs.

Clearly, it is never too late to get started with digital reinvention. While the pandemic may cause delays in digital movements due to financial issues, it has been an impetus for changes. Despite the current circumstance, digital reinvention still remains an effective way to business growth and gain an edge in the market.