Why You Should Stick To One Web Development Agency And How To Find A Good One

When it comes to website development, there are a lot of things we have to take into considerations, a good custom web development team is a must. You may not need a team of web developers now since you can write a good website specification and start building your own web by the low-code or no-code approach. However, as your business grows from time to time, you will have to reach out for professional support and guidance. After all, no entrepreneur wants to constantly feel afraid of their websites are at risk of crashing anytime.

If you opt for investing in CMS like WordPress to time-saving and cost-effective, you may think that choosing a WordPress development agency is not that hard of a task. Suppose you don’t like how one team works, there are still plenty of options out there. However, businesses who think they can take this route end up having a messy and unstable site most of the time. 

Why You Should Stick To One Web Development Agency And How To Find A Good One

A simple metaphor is a crashing site is like a broken car. If you’re constantly changing your mechanics/repair shops, you’ll end up with a car with many patches patching up the problem but no significant improvement seen. You’ll have to regularly return to the automobile repair shops since the mechanic will likely overlook the initial and core issues because he doesn’t know what the previous mechanic has done to the car.

The same goes with your website, if your website is undergoing the following symptoms, it has gone through too many developers and issues are not solved thoroughly. 

  • The error occurs when trying to make the smallest changes.
  • Random errors appear.
  • Long loading times.

What happens if I work with multiple developers?

If you work with many software development teams in a short period of time when it comes to web development, there are some common problems, including: 

  • Developers keep reinventing features that already work. Because they don't know if the feature exists, they don't reuse it, resulting in redundancy.
  • Your site has unused code because the next developer doesn't have time to read, adjust, reuse, or delete the old code. The code that is no longer in use slows your site down.
  • Web developers do not follow the same plan or structure, leading to no cohesive approach for your site.
  • The site has a lot of patched-up work. This tends to happen because the developers think they are working on a one-time, short-term project. They don't see the whole picture and apply a hasty patch to the job.
  • Because there is no strategic master plan for all developers to follow, this wastes a lot of time.

What should I do about this?

You might think that all you have to do is to pick a good web developers team and stick to them. However, unexpected things can happen. To avoid waking up one day with a website that is only half done and no developers, you should hire a team of the software development company and actually involve in the process. After all, you can't hire a team of web developer and call it in a day. 

Here are some actions you can take when reaching out to mobile/web development companies. 

Perform a background check

Like any other software development outsourcing project, you should always run a background check with your potential IT vendors. Contact the candidate company and ask them if they can put you in contact with one of their clients to have a better understanding of how the vendor has done the job, the quality, the software development costs, etc.

Create a strategic master plan

Set up a regular meeting with them to create a strategic website master plan for the next 6 to 12 months. You should have a clear picture of what direction you will take in any product development projects.

Look at your competitors' website 

This is something you can consider doing. Looking at a similar website and see if it is developed or maintained by any particular web development outsourcing company. You can contact them for further supports and requirements

Look for thoroughness 

If you have had a solid list of IT services providers, ask for a quote. If the quote they provide is detailed and indicates all features you want, that’s a good sign they have a clear understanding of your requirements.

Maintain constant communication with the software development team

During the building and maintaining process, you and your software development team must agree on hold regular meetings so that both sides are well-informed about the progress and development of your website. After the website building phase and entering the maintaining phase, you can stay in touch with them once per fortnight.

State the right website development requirements

Make sure that your web development team knows why you need specific features and when you use them besides what and how you want it to be done for better outcomes.

In conclusion

When using ready-to-use CMS like WordPress, a team of website development is a must. The sooner you find the good one, the better. Don’t change your web development team frequently, stick to one since they will know what has happened to your website if any issues occur.