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Monitoring / Alerts

Proactive monitoring throughout the development lifecycle helps you minimize downtime and enables your team to collaborate and optimize resource availability. Our implementation approach is proactive to help in monitoring the infrastructure and predicting any possible changes using the appropriate tool sets such as, NewRelic, Shinken, etc.


In order to successfully integrate Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) into your software development processes, our DevOps team use the platforms that are best suited to your unique situation, whether it includes Jenkins/Hudson and planning tools such as Ansible to create jobs for code deployment from Github and rollback to ensure error-free release processes, or other methods, and we will personalise it to your businesses' needs.

IT Environment Setup

Automating your IT infrastructure/environment provides your business with both agility and speed for development and operations purposes as it brings good practices, such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Automated Testing, and Active Monitoring, to your infrastructure. Our DevOps team will carry out this implementation by using the “cloud-native” technologies that are best suited to you in the DevOps transformation.

Assessments & Strategy

Our team will start with a thorough assessment of your organization’s IT environment including current capabilities, processes, and your corporate IT culture. We then review your application development lifecycle maturity status and produce a DevOps roadmap that will guide your team in achieving your business goals.

Maintenance And Support

Your software and IT infrastructure will, in time, require maintenance and support as well as upgrades in order to keep up with market demand and competition. After the DevOps transformation phase is complete, our team will continue to provide post-live support as necessary, to help with cloud operations management, automating and configuring new technologies, as well as new security recommendations.

DevOps Consulting & Cloud Managed Services

Our team of experienced DevOps experts assist you in preparing the environment, organizing and transforming your development and deployment processes. All naturally using the best methodologies deemed suitable for your business, with further maintenance and support.

Moreover, as an experienced provider of DevOps and cloud managed services, products and solutions, with a focus on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform we are able to offer a full-range of managed services or work as an extension of your existing development team so your businesses can automate the process of delivering innovation and responding quickly to any required infrastructure changes, all while delivering an unforgettable customer experience.

With a continuous demand for instant solutions by customers, companies have to be innovative, quick to respond, and be more agile in delivering their products than ever. A properly planned and executed DevOps strategy is key to improving and transforming the old ways companies develop software, helping businesses and development teams who are looking to Transform, and improve their existing operations , ultimately reducing critical time-to-market.


DevOps is the practice of iterative software development which enables various teams of Developers, Testers, and IT operators to work in a collaborative structure, generating greater efficiencies and productivity, as well as providing an end result of a better user experience.

  • IT infrastructure setup and automation
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Vagrant)
  • Cloud managed services
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • High availability
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Azure | Google Cloud Platform
  • Proactive Monitoring and Alert systems
  • Security updates and maintenance
DevOps, when done correctly, will offer countless benefits to businesses including shorter release cycles, an accelerated time-to-market, improve the detection of bugs and errors to create higher quality software, as well as many other benefits.

In order to successfully transform your existing IT environment into the DevOps automation model, it’s critical to have an optimal DevOps strategy and select the right tools for the life of the development lifecycle. With the expertise and experience in implementing various DevOps projects in the past, we will provide a comprehensive assessment and implementation plan as we provide a catalyst that launches your CI/CD pipeline and overall toolchain into the future.

Our team of experienced and dedicated engineers will help your business in successfully leveraging the benefits of the cloud and transform your existing setup into a new and advanced DevOps environment which runs efficiently and effectively.


Our DevOps team will help you implement cloud managed services via a cloud platform maintained by a managed service provider (such as AWS or Azure).

Network and security operations
By adding our skilled IT DevOps resources to buff up your existing team, you can significantly boost your performance and increase efficiencies within your IT infrastructure.

We will help you accomplish network and security operations, establish a cloud presence, manage your IT life cycle, and provide you with added speed and agility.

From keeping the lights on, to automating and innovating your most critical systems, our cloud managed services provide you with a plethora of access to teams of experts that will allow you to focus on growing your business, and turning your data into value.

In summary, we provide:
  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • Cloud Migration
  • 24/7 Support

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