We want to help you create amazing things!

We are a leading software engineering company in Vietnam, functioning as a global technology provider as well as a startup incubator. We know what it takes to develop and deliver amazing software products and services, and we are excited to work with game-changing companies around the world to bring your ideas to life.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed Cost Projects

Let us handle the complex bits for you, freeing you to focus on building your business.

Clearly understand your software requirements, but lack the technology team to make it happen? As your development partner, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you bring software products and services to market that help you win.

From technical specification, design and architecting to going live, we’ll cost out the entire project for you, committing to agreed upon deliverables and schedules, without any hidden fees or games.

To be sure, engaging with this model works best for clearly defined projects without major changes in requirements, or for projects on a tight schedule that require instant access to a pool of highly skilled and talented software engineering professionals.

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Offshore Development Center

We’ll assist you in building an ODC for your business, becoming a valuable extension of your team that is committed to your success.

With this exceedingly powerful model, you can expand your long term profitability by decreasing operating expenses through utilization of our extensive engineering capabilities and ability to scale as you grow.

With a dedicated team of seasoned technology and project management professionals, we’re a prudent choice that will reduce your time to market and a powerful tool that will prove critical in helping you achieve your larger business objectives.

Benefits of Offshore Development Center (ODC)

  • Dedicated team of top quality engineers and project managers
  • Extension of your development team and path to growing your global business footprint.
  • Be it Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, or a mix of them all, your team will adapt to and carry out your internal development process of choice.
  • Stable member roster that is scalable to your needs
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From partnership to ownership, we’ll “build, operate, and transfer” your ODC smoothly and hassle-free.

We are the pioneers of the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model in Vietnam, offering this service to clients with long-term plans to establish their development centers in the region, as a crucial step towards realizing your business’ global expansion goal.

With this arrangement, we fully develop and operate your infrastructure project with the goal of transferring complete project and facilities ownership to you via well-defined processes.

Proof Of Concept

The BOT business model significantly enhances shareholder value by converting the standard fee-based client engagement into an investment, diminishing dependencies inherent to traditional outsourcing relationships. At TP&P, we are strongly confident in our ability to deliver quality results and successful outcomes. We welcome you to come put our services to the test with an initial project at no cost if our delivery does not meet your expectations.

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Investment & Partnership Program

Do you have an amazing idea with the potential to scale into a profitable business?

But lack the necessary technical expertise or resources to make it happen? Over the past decade, we have encountered many creative and innovative ideas for software products and services that failed to ever reach the market due to funding and resource constraints and/or insufficient technological expertise.

Something that sets TP&P far apart from our competitors in the software development outsourcing industry is the fact that we have a history of helping promising businesses and passionate entrepreneurs bring such innovative ideas to life by investing our own resources in exchange for equity in the venture.

As a result, we have a portfolio of companies that have grown with us, drawing heavily upon our deep technical expertise and extensive business development experience as we continue to create awesome things together. Get access to a highly scalable team of engineers and technology professionals as well as exposure to a network of investors and entrepreneurs in a broad range of industries.

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Let us build a results-driven program tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company build amazing things!

It takes the best to make the best

Based on many years of experience delivering measurable results, we can offer end-to-end engineering and development services that cover planning, requirement analysis
Our management team has over a decade of experience working on software engineering and development projects in various industries with companies of all sizes
Whether it is finance, banking and insurance, healthcare or e-commerce, etc., we can help your business leverage the latest technologies, intuitive and attractive UI/UX
TP&P Technology is a known and trusted brand in the Vietnam IT industry with a global footprint. We are headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and have representative offices in Singapore, Australia, and US.