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We are a leading software engineering company in Vietnam, functioning as a global technology provider, as well as a startup incubator. With our combined decades of experience, we not only know what it takes to develop and deliver amazing software products, but also possess ried and tested methods of managing projects, whether it’s one part of a larger business, or the sole focus of your company. 

Project Management

TP&P Selection & Implementation Process

Whether you need our services for establishing, or enhancing your current project management capabilities, our team and their varied industry backgrounds, are intimately familiar with a whole range of your needs from the word go. Whether it’s the easily foreseen bumps, or “I never saw that coming!”, we take the time to get to know everything we need about you, to get your project managed to successful completion, as we ensure that all of our processes and tools are adapted to suit not only your resources, but for the short and long-term goals of your business.

How we become a team

We get to know your company culture and organization, as well as the specific goals and business, needs to realize your new technical project.

We will consult with you to provide an objective report on what we feel is the most suited methodology for your project, based on your overall business goals, delivery schedule, and other requirements as needed.

Determine the necessary support required to ensure you have full end-to-end support in the implementation of your technical solutions with the management leadership to ensure your resources are allocated for maximum efficiency, adoption, and integrated with any systems or software as needed.

Our expertise will be used to provide you with the best tools, practices, governance, and management for not only your current project, but for your full current and future portfolio.

Flexibility: Partnerships or Outsourcing

Flexibility is our watchword when it comes to meeting your needs. That's why we are able to offer such a diverse range of options. So whether you prefer to engage with us as a partner to support you in the whole scope of your business, or you simply prefer to outsource key components of that project so you can free your team up to focus on other things, we can be there to provide expertise and support every step of the way.

Agile Project Management Methodologies

We use Agile Scrum methodology for our software development projects. A scrum is an iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally, instead of delivering it all at once. Since its inception, Agile methodology has gained worldwide recognition and acceptance, and it is especially effective for developing complex software applications.

Benefits of Agile Development

Applying Agile methodology to software development provides plenty of advantages;

First of all, Agile allows for a more effective way of project development management, whilst maintaining a balance of quality and cost.

Additionally, it also enables development teams to collaborate with each other, the business as a whole, and any clients you may have.

Thus, Agile provides a better approach to respond to the necessary and unforeseen changes that can occur in the development process.

The main principles & benefits of agile development can be summarized as follows:

Communication is the key to the development of high-quality software. Agile methodology is an excellent way to ensure continued opportunities for the related parties to interact, whether it's before, during, or post initial development in the feedback stage.

This allows the development team to thoroughly understand the requirements and vision of the project, allowing the final product to fulfill all of the projects specific needs. This also helps the development team in understanding the motives and vision behind the product being created, which assists goes towards a more rounded and well thought out product. Along with shorter/less intensive deliverables, and more frequent reviews, it makes providing feedback on a product much easier, and ensures that no mistakes can be made early on that could damage the project months later, and also allows for continuous improvement of the products features.

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Software development under Agile is achieved in small manageable units, called a sprint. Delivering the project in these sprints allows the team to produce high-quality software products. With Agile, the project team produces

frequent builds, that then undergo testing and reviews during each iteration. This allows the team to immediately identify and fix potential bugs and errors and eliminate any mismatched expectations or misunderstandings between the specifications and the built product. Overall, it drastically improves the quality of the software.

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With the adoption of Agile methodology for project development, you are able to determine the priority of features, with the development team adapting to undertake what’s most important to you and provide the features that maximizes your values and priorities.
Agile allows process transparency, combined with the sprint cycle to provide a fully functional product during the development, which helps you to better manage and have full control of the entire project.

Applying Agile methodology to software project development allows clients to get involved with the development team during the entire project, from the initial phase of planning, to development and testing, to reviewing the release of the new iterations of the software containing new features. This helps keep everyone updated on the status

of the project and offers the flexibility for incorporating necessary changes, without significant manpower being dedicated to it.

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Agile is the approach of rapid development in small iteration which allows for quick release and immediate feedback. This becomes advantageous in terms of incorporating feedback before beginning the next phase or iteration, as any feedback during the raw development ensures swift application in the next sprint.

The most suitable projects for Agile are classed as small or medium-sized developments with a limited number of resources. Agile is a flexible approach with the intensity to achieve rapid, quality solutions on a time crunch and tight budget, but with the aim of achieving the highest quality product.

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With Agile, we offer client the flexibility to incorporate changes into the product, even in the latter stages of the project. As the development team stays focused on the pre-defined plan and delivers a subset of the product’s features as agreed in the initial stage, there is a number of opportunities to refine and reprioritize based on the end of each sprint.

This allows for any new or modified features to be included in future sprints, allowing the end result of the project to be a well-defined and updated version of what was initially set out to be achieved. Overall, we focus on the adoption and response of any challenging change during the development process and ensures we can make gradual changes without any severe setbacks, instead of an end product that needs to be rehashed in a new development cycle.

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Agile suggests a fixed time frame for each sprint, with the development cost associated being approximately determined in advance. This cost is based on the amount of work which can be done by the development team during the timeframe. Combined with the estimates provided prior to each Sprint, the business can more readily understand the approximate cost of each feature,

which improves decision making about the priority of features, the need for additional iterations and the overall scope of the entire project.

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