How a CRM system can help with your business

What is CRM?

In the simplest sense, CRM (customer relationship management) is the system for managing a company’s business relationships with their customers. A CRM system will enable a company to organize all the detailed information and data about their customers, prospects and leads in one place.

Back in the days, businesses employed the old method of paperwork filing to keep track of customers and other important information regarding them. Such method is inconvenient, time consuming, and extremely inefficient especially when a business expand with their customers base growing larger day by day. Adopting advanced organizational technology (by using CRM system) will not only help to quantify and categorize data for future reference, but also make such data becomes available across all departments. The more a company knows about their customers, the better they’ll be able to provide them with the kind of tailored, positive personalized experience which consequently, will improve business relationships and profitability in return.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is probably one of the most worthy asset that a business of any scale can invest in. If you’re looking for a CRM, we’d highly recommend Salesforce which is the largest, most popular CRM system. Salesforce is well-known for its strong capabilities that will most likely meet all the business requirement of CRM users. Salesforce is currently leading the CRM market capturing more than 80% of market share.

In addition, as a cloud based CRM platform, Salesforce is offering its users easy access to the CRM system in numerous ways through the web and mobile channels etc. Salesforce users are able to customize their CRM in accordance with their business needs.

So, what are the benefits of implementing a CRM system like Salesforce?


  1. Improvement of customer service

CRM system will help companies understand their customers better. Without a good understanding of the past and current status of each business relationship, the chance for a company’s employees to respond to their customers’ enquiries and serve them well will be very limited. CRM system creates a comprehensive profile about each business relationship and is easily accessible by company employees in a matter of seconds. As a result, company staffs who are CRM users will be well-equipped to deliver a helpful, positive customers service experience to customers, which eventually will contribute towards better customer retention.

In cases when a solution is not readily available, team-working with other employees for answers becomes a much simpler and easier task.

  1. Gathering Insights from business data

Data will be useless if a business cannot translate it into value insight. With Salesforce CRM, sales managers can gain insight into trends and the performance of their sales teams by using CRM features to visualize graph trends, monitoring results, advanced forecasting etc. This will lead to a better understanding of team performance and gaining further actionable insights.

Other CRM features such as reports and analysis will help CRM users achieve a more accurate forecasts, understand the broad view, and provide better insight for future planning. Furthermore, CRM system offers a convenient way for sales manager to access to customer information, volume trends, accounts management, opportunity forecasts, perform collaboration between teams etc. This will allow sales managers to keep track of sales activity better and easier.

CRM system helps organizations make use of insights and create a difference with data-driven outcomes rather than decisions making based on one’s own judgment.

  1. Tasks Automation

Employees all have tasks and chores that need to be performed on a frequent basis such as filling out forms, creating campaign reports and many more. Such repetitive tasks are time consuming but must be completed since they are necessary for a business to function properly.

A proper CRM system like Salesforce is designed to help with the automation of such repetitive tasks by using techniques such as report generation, incentive point based system etc. This will allow marketing and sales team to have more time and put more of their efforts towards generating and closing leads as well as solving customers’ issue, while the automated CRM system deals with the automated tasks.

  1. Mobilizing your business

If company employees cannot access their customers’ information because they’re travelling or are away from their desktop or laptop, it would mean that business is temporarily put on hold. Salesforce CRM system provides its users with the flexibility to get their work done anywhere, anytime thanks to cloud computing technology. Whether people are working in their office, or travelling, they will have the access to the CRM system. Employees can then create, or cooperate on the processes and business relationships that are in need of their attention. Having the ability to access CRM on-demand, employees will be able to manage the accounts of their existing customers on the go which would help to improve productivity greatly.

In many situations, mobile CRM app will help employees to have access to customers’ information when needed urgently. For example:

  •         Creating a new case from a service enquiry email received on a mobile device.
  •         Access to customers’ information during business meeting.
  •         Respond to hot leads while traveling on-the-go
  •         …etc.
  1. CRM system for Leads Management and Marketing Campaign

Salesforce CRM system offers its users the ability to quickly identify and segment leads acquired based on many filter conditions such as industry, channel, lead source, and geography etc. Salesforce CRM will also help its users to automatically capture leads across multiple channels and quickly convert those leads into opportunities.  In addition, its users are also able to design rules (according to specific business requirements) to route the leads to the appropriate sales team. This will help bridging the gap between marketing and sales teams by automating the lead transferring process.

With Salesforce, teams can also measure and report on their campaign results based on a number of various conditions, for example: number of new leads created, new opportunities, conversion rate and many more. Teams can then repeat the successful campaigns in just a few simple steps.

A CRM will be of highly valuable to any business during the expanding phase. This is where there’s an abundance of new opportunities to reach and engage with potential customers. And it’ll be prone to arrive at situations where valuable leads fall through because marketing and sales team cannot track and monitor all the interactions of the company with individual prospects through multiple channels (such as company website, email, phone calls, social media, etc.) due to not having a proper CRM system.

How a CRM system can help with your business


Employing a CRM system will make business become more efficient and, as a result, will increase revenue and employee productivity.

How can TP&P Technology help with your Salesforce CRM requirement?

Salesforce consulting Vietnam

Implementing a CRM like Salesforce could be quite a challenging task. With a deep understanding and experience of working Salesforce system for many years, our CRM experts will guide you through the implementation of complex CRM solutions helping you to make the decision choosing the best custom Salesforce system for your business. We help performing the migration of all customer information from your existing CRM system to Salesforce CRM quickly and safely. Our team will ensure the integrity of your business data and complete the migration securely.

Additionally, our team of Salesforce experts will assist your staffs from adapting to fully utilize all of Salesforce capabilities so that your business can thrive and stay ahead of the competition.

Salesforce Development and Customization

Based on specific business requirements, we will help your business to reach the full capacity of Salesforce CRM system by developing custom modules aimed at reporting, sales goals, leads management, customer support, and many more. Our experienced Salesforce development team will integrate other third party modules with your Salesforce CRM to maximize the capacities and meet all of your business needs.

Need more information about Custom Salesforce Development? Contact us today for a free, instant consultation.