Business Solutions Consulting

One of key business challenges companies face, is how to promote adoption and effective use of management systems. TP&P's Business Solutions Consulting will help companies improve predictability of market demands, deliver prompt updates of  business performance, and most importantly, enhancing end user satisfaction. TP&P Business Solutions Consulting helps companies meet their business priorities facilitating sustained growth.

Our Business Solution Consulting portfolio focusing on Salesforce Solutions includes:

  • Salesforce Consulting

    • At TP&P, we help clients solving their business challenges by providing Sales solutions customized in accordance with the industry, and business models that your company operates within. As a result, you will be provided with a scalable, high-performing Salesforce CRM solution aligned with your business strategy.
    • With broad industry knowledge and platform expertise, TP&P’s team of highly-skilled Salesforce experts aim to solve many of your specific CRM challenges – from collecting and storing customer information, to data analysis, and streamlining cooperation process between departments, to fixing CRM performance issues and more. Our team will train your employees to perform and maximize the potential of the Salesforce CRM system.
    • Our Salesforce solutions are designed specifically to meet the specific requirements of your business, fully utilizing all capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform with customized modules, for sales and marketing automation, leads and opportunity management, reporting tools and etc. which will help to eliminate manual works and automate business processes.

    Add-on solutions

    • Our Salesforce add-on solutions extend the platform capabilities with extra functionalities, bringing added value to your business processes. Moreover, we assist clients with the decision of selecting the most suitable third-party add-ons according to the scope and demands of their business, including those available on AppExchange, and implement the add-on solutions fulfilling your business needs.
  • Custom application development on, integration, data migration: Sales reps and marketing executives might also need access to information from other enterprise systems to do their job more efficiently, companies will require integration solution to suit their business needs - for instance, allowing data exchange between Salesforce CRM and other separate enterprise systems. Our team of Salesforce experts will advise you for an optimal integration plan and assist with projects of any complexity.

We provide integration solutions by industry, complex integration scenarios with multiple systems from different vendors and scalability requirement.

  • Testing, Maintenance & Post-live Support.

Additionally, TP&P also offers post live support, Salesforce CRM training and maintenance service for your Salesforce platform. We provide on-going maintenance and system monitoring to anticipate and handling issues arise out of day-to-day activities etc. Our team also provide support to end-users at functional and technical level helping companies to increase Salesforce adoption rate and get the most out of their Salesforce system.

  • Salesforce CRM Integration service: cloud to cloud / on premise applications.

Our Salesforce consultants at TP&P bring years of experience to help you seamlessly integrate Salesforce with other complex systems such as ERP, Social Media, Accounting, and many more. You can either choose to get custom integration modules developed on its own and/or modify integration apps from AppExchange to suit your business needs accordingly. As a result, you get a cost-effective integration solution that will enable the automation of business processes end to end and bridging the gap between departments (e.g. sales & marketing department with accounting, and productions departments etc.) allowing for team-work and collaboration as well as improving productivity.

Moreover, our integrated solution allows sales reps and marketers to gain access to other necessary functionalities they need through Salesforce interface without having to switch across systems. This will help simplifying business processes, enhance employees’ productivity and meeting your business objectives.

Why choosing TP&P Technology?

  • As a business solution consulting provider, our consultants understand your special Salesforce requirements from both technical and business perspectives. We offer not only technical solution to support your daily business activities but also provide you with practical business advice fitting the context of your business and development strategy.
  • For every project, our team of Salesforce experts at TP&P will work closely with clients to fully understand your business goals, challenges and other factors influencing your business strategy. We analyze your business needs to provide in-depth analysis as well as solution for development, improvement and integration.
  • With multi-industry knowledge and experiences accumulated over the year, we are more than capable of managing various types of projects ranging from simple to complex ones requiring advanced technologies, providing the exact solutions meeting the specifics of your business and industry.
  • Our team at TP&P always keeps up to date with the Salesforce landscape and apply the newest technologies and best practice for our solutions which will make life easier for end-users, therefore improving Salesforce adoption among employees.

Our Technical Capabilities:

  • Frameworks: Apex, Visualforce page/component, Lightning, REST and SOAP services, Trigger, SOQL, Batch Job, Schedule, Queueable API, Governance limits
  • Development Tools: Eclipse, MaveMate, SalesforceDX