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We help you build an SAP strategy that is: Custom-tailored according to your particular business requirements, provide training and maintenance to ensure lasting success and sustainability.

Our team of SAP consultants and developers are hired based on their long-term manufacturing domain knowledge and experience. The accumulated experience and expertise from our team at TP&P technology results in a highly custom and robust solutions being built satisfying your company’s particular requirements.

Based on your business needs, our team of SAP ERP experts at TP&P Technology will focus on delivering SAP solutions with specific features that are best suitable for you.

Manufacturing Focus

With SAP S/4HANA, manufacturing companies will be able to rapidly and satisfactorily respond to the continually moving market demands, predict operational issues and maintenance, and simplify overall operations with one single source of data truth.
SAP ERP solutions allow manufacturers to solve modern business problems with their trustworthy-proven solution.

Cloud ERP

With SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), SAP solutions become more affordable and easier to use and manage, and most importantly, allowing business data and reports to be readily available in real-time. Cloud ERP, therefore, provides management and executives with full visibility into their business, overall enhancing business efficiency and productivity.

Consulting & Strategy

TP&P Technology offers organizations end-to-end SAP professional services from consulting to implementation and maintenance and support of SAP and non-SAP applications using the central SAP Solution Manager platforms. Our SAP consultants and developers help organizations take advantage of the right functionality that is easy to use and integrate into existing SAP environment.

Measurable Results

As the market landscape is becoming increasingly more competitive, having quick access to information and actionable insights provided by SAP will give business a valuable competitive edge.

For manufacturers, this translates into a collaboration-based and data-driven work environment rather than a manual one like before. Scheduling of production and workforce is now based on data and end-to-end analysis which is reliable compared to the traditional methodologies;

Real-Time Data

In the manufacturing industry today, in order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses will have to continually renovate themselves and quickly respond to market demand.

SAP solution provides real-time and near real-time analytics and reports, allowing business organizations to make better and informed decision in a timely manner.


TP&P Technology empowers your organization with a range of Functional SAP ERP Modules that help to optimize processes and enhance operational efficiency.

We help businesses to solve challenges and stay ahead by leveraging SAP to automate your various processes that run on a wide array of environments, from public to private cloud, to on-premises and hybrid system.

Custom SAP ERP Solutions in The New Digital Era


Take advantage of SAP solutions today to build a robust ERP system for your company, carrying out digital transformation driving business growth. Our proven expertise and broad domain knowledge allow us to provide clients with the SAP solution that solve industry-specific ERP challenges, at the same time, maximizing the opportunities SAP solution present.

With decades of experience in software development and IT consulting providing openERP & SAP ERP consulting services, we understand and know how to help clients optimizing process using SAP solutions, by providing the right expertise and support before and during implementation, and after deployment - to ensure adoption and unlocking SAP ERP full potential.

Why TP&P Technology provides the right SAP solution for Manufacturers?

Even though the term ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning" - yet, nowadays, many mid-sized firms and high-growth companies also adopt ERP systems, thanks to the rapid rise of cloud computing technology.

Proven Experience, Expertise & Cost-Effectiveness

By combining the right mix of on-shore and off-shore delivery, we ensure project delivery is on-time, within budget, and meet or even exceed the industry standard.

Thanks to its powerful capacity, SAP solution can help your organization to enhance business efficiency and boost employees’ productivity while decreasing production cost, time, and inventory levels. SAP solutions provide your business with the ability to plan and control production in every single stage throughout the process.

As a result, demand will be addressed more adequately and products can reach the market faster. What’s more, TP&P Technology can help you streamline operations and your IT infrastructure through the integration of your existing system with SAP ERP.

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