Benefits of Mobile Application Development for Small-Medium Enterprises (SME)

In 2019, more and more business organizations, especially small and medium businesses have started to understand and realized the value of developing their own mobile application in order to communicate and increase engagement on a highly personalized level with their customers.

Mobile applications are being present in many aspects of our daily lives, from shopping to entertaining, learning, and businesses. Without a doubt, mobile applications offer many marketing advantages for small and medium businesses – enhancing customer loyalty, improving brand awareness and image, as well as increase employees’ productivity.

Investing in mobile application development seems to be necessary for business growth. In this article, we take a look at the advantages that mobile app development can provide to businesses, particularly to the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) ones.

Better and Convenient Online Shopping Experience

People nowadays tend to search for information about the products they are looking to buy directly via their mobile devices instead of laptops/desktop. And many business owners might wonder whether they need a mobile app since their businesses already have a responsive mobile website.

The answer is mobile websites and mobile app can go hand in hand complementing each other. A business website can provide customers with all the information they need while a mobile app creates sales and keeps consumers coming back, creating customer loyalty.


However, regardless of the mobile convenience, the flow of having to remember and enter URL to access a website through a mobile browser still causes frictions in customer hopping journey. Mobile app is better for online shopping in this case as they are quicker, easier to navigate, more interactive, and overall provide a more seamless experience.

All customers have to do is tap on the app icon and everything is ready and available – their pain points and frictions are addresses adequately with the mobile apps.

Online shopping via mobile applications allows customers to save time and make shopping becomes more convenient than ever.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Mobile applications enable companies to interact and engage with their customers better and in a highly personalized way. For example, a mobile app can send push notifications to users informing them to know about the latest promotional or discount program for the product items that are interested in purchasing. Offering a custom-tailored and personalized shopping experience is crucial so that businesses can stand out among competitors, attract and retain customers, thriving in the new digital economy.

Furthermore, incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies into mobile app development project can bring app experience to a higher level, offering highly relevant promotion or information.

Improve sales

Mobile app can help small businesses increase sales in a number of ways. For example, customers can browse products catalog and directly place order through the app. As mentioned previously, a mobile app offers users a better mobile experience when compared to a responsive website. It makes the shopping journey more pleasant, more convenient and interesting. Customers can participate in numerous rewards and referral programs that are only available through mobile apps etc.

Additionally, with the rise and increase adoption of mobile payment apps, it becomes more likely that app users will find it more convenient to shopping and pay directly via the mobile apps instead of switching between mobile apps and the web. All these help small businesses increase sales and profitability.

Increase Audience Reach

Small businesses will have great exposure to brand new kinds of audiences once they have a mobile app presence. Mobile app gives customers the ability to see businesses brands anytime they open their smartphone.

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More importantly, consumers nowadays spend more time using their mobile devices than ever, online shopping via mobile also becomes more popular as a result. Having a mobile application allows your large catalog company’s products and services to reach target customers anywhere, anytime. Consequently, being able to reach a large number of target customers and potential customers will provide organizations with opportunities for growth and business expansion.

Brand Recognition

More than just a method to interact with customers, the mobile app is also an effective marketing tool to create a long-lasting impression in the customers and also increase customers’ engagement. A quality app with a beautiful design would provide more incentive for customers to spend more time on the app rather than a mobile website.

All the extra time provides plenty of opportunities for brands to engage with their consumers, thus enhancing brand recognition. Mobile application provides access on an instant basis, available anytime and anywhere, and offers a highly custom-tailored – personalized experience. As a result, customers nowadays would rely more on an app rather than a mobile site.

Before embarking on your first mobile app development project

For many small-medium businesses, mobile applications can offer considerable opportunities for engagement and interaction with customers in a highly personalized way. Yet, due to various reasons, many SMBs are still hesitating in investing in mobile application projects.

It’s essential that small businesses can clearly identify their goals and metrics for a mobile app before introducing one to the market. Developing an app without any clear objective or metrics should be avoided at all costs.

People who are directly involved in the daily management of their businesses understand themselves best. Thoroughly analyzing the app development projects with management and operation teams and consult app development companies are the first few crucial steps small-businesses can take to identify whether an app is needed for your businesses to grow and succeed.


In this new digital economy, if companies want to stay ahead of the competition, engaging and communicate with their customers on a highly personalized level to keep them coming back and reduce churn rate –  then it’s a good idea to invest in building a mobile application. However, for a mobile app to succeed, it’s important that app owners understand the app development goals, target audience and marketing plans, and the resources needed to build the app. 


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