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Odoo is a multi-purpose suite of open source apps that can meet many of your company’s business needs.TP&P Technology is a leading Odoo Partner providing end-to-end open-source and complete customized ERP solutions.


From the Open-source ERP for manufacturing to e-commerce, accounting, inventory, and point of sale, Odoo can help improve and automate various processes of your business. Highly flexible meeting various integration requirements.


We offer a custom-tailored Odoo ERP solutions which help you solve various operations challenges, including Finances, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, and a variety host of other business needs.

Main Features

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TP&P Technology Provide end-to-end OpenERP/Odoo services from consulting to implementation, maintenance, and training and support. Our team of experts in OpenERP/Odoo will work closely with you to identify your organization's ERP needs and provide a detailed guidance and IT roadmap to suit your requirements.
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Development Capacity
Team of experienced functional Odoo consultants and technical developers makes TP&P Technology the right implementation partner for your OpenERP/Odoo project. Decades of experience in custom software development across industries allow TP&P Technology to carry out implementation that is smooth and in the right manner.
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The overall success for implementation of a new ERP solutions not only depend on the technical execution but also hinge on users’ adoption. At TP&P technology, we understand the importance of training and support for new users to increase users’ adoption and ensure long lasting ERP success. Thus, we offer training program designed specifically for employees according to their function unit designation, across your organization
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For business and functional users who are just getting themselves familiar with Odoo ERP, we provide technical support program to help them in the learning of its basic, and necessary features – as well as answering and assist in troubleshooting any potential issues related to Odoo ERP.

Open Source

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Our Capacity

TP&P Technology will empower you with a multitude of Odoo ERP functionalities to improve business efficiency and productivity.