ERP Solutions in Digital Transformation


The phrase “digital transformation" is increasingly becoming more popular and getting mainstream recognition across media and various business industries. Still, successfully carrying out digital transformation by leveraging innovative technologies still remains an open question.

For many companies planning to implement their digital transformation initiatives, it's critical to have a roadmap, along with all the resources as well as tools and technologies in place - to ensure the whole program can be accomplished as smoothly as possible.

This is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions come into the picture. ERP systems can help in so many ways indeed.

How can ERP help with digital transformation?

Today, digital transformation has evolved beyond the traditional technologies of web and mobile apps. In fact, digital transformation encompasses the complete approach of leveraging technologies to solve business challenges in the new digital economy.


Adopting an ERP solution allow your businesses the opportunity to innovate and optimize business processes, ultimately solving challenges and improve profitability.

Speaking of innovation, in its simplest sense, innovation enables your businesses to employ new techniques to increase efficiencies. Innovation also involves the continuous improvement of the experience provided across channels – in order to attract and retain customers, as well as solidifying their loyalty.

Particularly, consumers are more connected and informed than ever. They are tech-savvy and the expectations also increase as a result. Customers expect the companies they do business with also become digitally empowered as a result.

Here, ERP systems help companies access and leverage the powerful capacity of data and analytics, in near real-time or real-time, to get full visibility on their businesses. Management and decision-makers will be able to make better and informed, data-driven decisions.

Moreover, there are certain kinds of tasks that can be automated with ERP. Automation actually can help free up employees’ time from repetitive and menial tasks to focus more on value-added activities.

Improve performance and make better business decisions with ERP

Implementing an ERP in your business is an innovative endeavor itself. This is because the ERP implementation would involve the examination of existing business processes within your organizations. ERP allows your organization to optimize different processes, such as planning and management of inventory – as well as exploring new opportunities and methods to streamline the various processes of sales, finance management, and purchasing, etc.

When it comes to digital transformation, ERP can do even more for your businesses, as follow :

  • Gain a competitive edge: adopting an ERP solution offers businesses many advantages that translate into a competitive edge. An ERP system customized according to their particular business requirements allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition, now and in the future.
  • One single source of data truth: Many business operations nowadays heavily rely on access to customer data. Having only one source of data truth is critical to help decision makers to make the correct decision at the right time. A robust and flexible ERP system can integrate with other applications that exist in your business, in order to create a single source of truth that is available for access by personnel across departments.
  • Improve business performance: as mentioned above, ERP could help businesses achieve more by freeing up employees’ time through automation of tedious and repetitive tasks. Employees can focus on their core activities and ultimately improve their productivities as a result.

Achieving business objectives with ERP

ERP solutions can indeed provide many benefits to businesses. In this new era, not only large enterprises can invest in an ERP system and gain advantages, but small medium businesses can also implement and leverage all the capacities provided by ERP too.

Businesses of any size, that are about to embark on digital transformation, would be able to reap great benefits from ERP.

Odoo ERP Solution Implementation

Odoo ERP solution is a great fit for small to medium enterprises who are looking to implement an ERP system for their business. Odoo ERP was built with small-medium businesses kept in mind.

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