13 Feb 2020
Web Application Development: Trends & Technologies For 2020


Web Application Development: Expected Trends & Technologies For 2020

Web application development is an area of the IT industry that constantly evolves, along with the advancement technologies and tools for web development. As a result, web developers – in order to do their jobs efficiently – will need to continuously keep up-to-date with the new trends and technologies introduced in the market.

In this article, let’s examine the technologies and trends that are expected to become popular for web app development in 2020.

Programming Languages

When it comes to web app development, there are a wide range of programming languages to choose from. Generally speaking, any web developer doesn’t have to keep up and know all the popular programming language out there. However, there are quite a few that they should focus on. Such as:

    • JavaScript: this is one of the most popular programming languages, particularly for developing web application. JavaScript and its framework have transformed the way developers create web application. Together with Node.js, it’s certainly viable for developers to create the entire web application based around the technology of JavaScript (MEAN stack). Thus, JavaScript has now become a favorite choice of programming language for many full-stack web developers.
    • Python: is gradually catching up and becoming an established programming language for web development. According to a survey by stackoverflow in 2019, Python ranks 2nd place in the list of most loved programming languages. In addition to web app development, Python is especially loved by start-ups for developing the projects which require AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning).
    • Java and C#: both have been around for quite a long time but still remain popular nowadays.
    • Golang: is an open-source programming language and backed by Google. Golang is increasingly becoming popular web developers.

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JavaScript Frameworks

According to the same survey by stackoverflow in 2019, the three most popular web frameworks are: jQuery, React.js, Angular/Angular.js – all are JavaScript frameworks.

In 2020, we also expect that JavaScript frameworks continue to remain popular among web developers, including:

    • JQuery: could be considered as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks which offers a wide range of helpful features for modern web app development. Thus, jQuery is the must-know Javascript framework by Developers.
    • Node.js (or Node JS): is another powerful JavaScript framework, allowing developers to build server-side component using JavaScript. We recently published an article about using MEAN stack for web app development, discussing about the advantage of using Javascript (including Node JS) throughout the entire tech stack. Additionally, Node JS is free and can be run on different platforms (e.g. windows, Linux, Mac OS). Such advantages makes Node JS the popular framework of choice among web developers.

Besides, when it comes to Javascript frameworks, developers also have other choices such as React, Vue, or Angular etc. which are being widely used for various web app development projects of different scale and requirements.

Overall, these Javascript frameworks make web development easier and faster – and developers should try to select the frameworks that is best suitable for their development needs.  

Single Page Applications (SPA)

In our previous blog post, we mentioned that SPA was going to be a prominent technology trend in 2019. And in the year 2020, we expect SPA to remains among the popular technologies trends that enterprises and other business organizations adopt for their web app development requirements.

“Single-page application (SPA), as the name implied, is a form of web application or site based on Javascript technology (e.g. Angular or React) that fit into only one single page – offering a more streamlined and more controlled UX (user experience) to users by hiding all the complexities (e.g. requests, responses) and exchanges only the content requested users, loading the HTML data in chunk.”[1]

Gmail.com is a great example of SPA where users can check their inbox and compose new email in one single page, without having to browse back and forth. SPA provides an enhanced web browsing experience for customers, reducing interruption to the minimum and work seamlessly across devices and operating systems.

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Chatbots and voice search

Chatbots have been gaining steam in the recent years as more and more business organizations start using them partially as an alternative for customer services, together with analytics and marketing.

Currently, there are a number ways for developers to integrate chatbot into their web app, including out-of-the-box and custom-built solutions using Machine Learning technology.

In 2020, AI powered chatbots are expected to stay relevant, with better and more personalized experienced provide to consumers that they interacted with.

Artificial Intelligence

As emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have made their ways into web development and play a critical role in providing personalized experience to users, enabling better digital marketing campaigns as well as improving analytics and business intelligence.

Leveraging the large amount of data collected from website visits, along with AI technologies, companies can significantly enhance customer experience when visiting their website, including:

  • Provide personalized and relevant recommendations;
  • Enhance website navigation and self-services FAQ
In 2020, you do not have to be a strong tech power house like Facebook or Amazon to take advantage of AI. There are a number of solutions provided by Microsoft Azure or Google that allow business organizations to develop their AI projects in-house without requiring a huge sum of investment.

With AI, business organizations can process and analyze the large amount of data collected (specifically from web traffic) in order to find hidden patterns, and understand the behaviors of customers visiting the website, ultimately enhance operations and delivering a perfect web browsing experience to customers.


Web app development continues to be an important aspect when it comes to IT investment from companies. It’s important that both business owners and developers keep up with the newest trends and technologies in order to build robust and innovative product that solve business problems and deliver the required ROI (return-on-investment) as expected.


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