Working with Vietnam Python Development Companies: How to choose the right engagement model?

In the recent years, Python’s popularity has surged and become one of the mainstay programming languages for business to leverage and develop their products (e.g. Dropbox, Netflix, Spotify etc.).

According to the Tiobe index of language popularity in 2018, Python was the strongest gainer with an increase of 3.62 percentage points from January 2018 to January 2019, and currently rank 3rd with a rating of 9.874% in this month September 2019.

One of the most popular problem that Businesses encounter when outsourcing their Python development project to offshore companies is how to choose the most effective engagement model. Depends on the specific nature and requirement of the projects, there are quite a number of cooperation models for companies to choose from. Of course, businesses should choose the one that is most suitable for their needs and can provide the required ROI (return on investment) as well as ensuring a fruitful delivery of the Python-based solution. In this article, let’s examine a number of engagement models that businesses usually choose for their Python development project.


Working with Vietnam Python Development Companies - How to choose the right engagement model

When hiring Python developers from offshore software companies, there are quite a number of factors that businesses need to consider including the overall budget of the outsourcing project. Choosing the right engagement model will help projects stay within budget ensuring quality and meeting project deadlines. Some of the most popular engagement models among those are:

  • Fixed Price
  • Time & Material
  • Dedicated Development Team.

The “Fixed price” model works best for Python projects of small to medium scale, with clearly defined requirements. Under this cooperation model, customer companies will usually be strictly limited to the number of changes allowed during the entire development process which is not suitable for Python projects that are complex and require flexibility for changes in the later stages of project.

Let’s consider the “Time & Material” cooperation model which is suitable for companies that are in need of Python developers on a temporary basis. Here, the offshore team of Python developers work as an extension of the existing in-house team. This model of engagement is usually employed when customer companies seek to develop new functionality or build new components of the existing software applications. However, there are not many Python projects that strongly work effectively under this model. This is because the hourly rates of hiring Python developers (on a temporary basis) could be higher than the cost of employing a full-time Python developer. Consequently, the overall cost could go over the allocated budget.

Dedicated team model could be the best choice for long-term Python development project with growing requirements. Whether it’s building a product from scratch or development team expansion, dedicated development team proves to be a highly cost-effective model. Especially, for large scale Python project, this model could help deliver the best results – in terms of quality, development time, and cost – thanks to the flexibility and control over the development process.

Why choose dedicated development team model for Python outsourcing projects?


Due to the global shortage of skilled IT developers, it’s becoming a challenge for companies to hire qualified software engineers for their projects. This is even more difficult and expensive when the project require the expertise level of middle to senior developers. Outsourcing Python project by hiring offshore dedicated team of developers can help businesses solve the skilled shortage problem, at the same time having their projects developed at reasonable rates with quality.

Moreover, dedicated development team model provides cost transparency and enables customer companies to take control of the overall budget cost. Outsourcing Python project to offshore software companies in Vietnam allows business to quickly have access to large pool of Python developers, but at a much cheaper cost compared to hiring local developers in countries such as USA, UK, Australia, etc. Hiring dedicated team also allows businesses to plan their budget well in advances and also reduce overheads related to onboarding and related costs such as tools, and infrastructure.

Control over product development

Comparing to fixed-price project, where client has little control over the development process, the dedicated development team model offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing changes in the later stages of the development process. Offshore Python outsourcing company can help establish a team of Python developers that working solely and entirely on customer’s project. Under this model, client can choose to either participate in the daily team and project management activities or delegate such tasks to their outsourcing partner. The offshore Python team works dedicatedly and alongside with client’s in-house team, and thus, being able to learn more and contribute more to the development of the product.

Ease of Scalability

By adopting dedicated team model, businesses will have the ability to scale their development team capacity in a reasonably quick amount of time. Generally speaking, it might take businesses up to 2-3 months in order to find qualified software engineers for their Python project. Additionally, there are also constraints in the time period of launching product into market which businesses have to commit to. As a result, employing dedicated team of Python developers offers businesses the flexibility of scaling up the development capacity on-demand.

Furthermore, there are also instances where businesses need to focus on the business aspects of the product development (e.g. sales, marketing, etc.) and delegate all the technical development tasks to the outsourcing vendor. A Python Development Company with track record of handling various Python projects can offers industry-specific recommendations and consulting on various technology implementation decisions as well as business development of the product. It can be commonly found in various outsourcing partnerships that the team leader in the offshore dedicated team taking over the team management locally, contributing to the overall success of the project.

Thanks to the lean approach in software development and advancement of cloud technologies, a dedicated development team model could prove to be the most effective approach for Python development outsourcing.


Outsourcing Python development project to offshore software development companies is a great way for businesses to reduce development costs, especially when the talent pool of local Python developer is limited. In the past few years, Vietnam has emerged as one of the promising software outsourcing destinations that offers quality Python development services at a very effective cost.

There are many Vietnam software development companies that provide Python development services together with different models of engagement for customer companies to choose from. Thus, clients should choose the one that is best suitable cording to the nature of their projects and business requirements.

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