Cloud Managed Services - Comparison with Traditional IT Model

Over the last decade, cloud computing has been making a significant and fundamental shift in the IT industry. Cloud computing technologies enable businesses to do things with speed and in a more agile way compared to traditional IT models.

Businesses organizations that are not yet adopted cloud technology for their IT infrastructure might question how different is cloud technology compared to the traditional IT model? The following are a few areas of IT that have been transformed by the cloud computing solution. Let’s see the comparison:

  • Infrastructure set-up and maintenance: Cloud environment offers a Pay-as-you-go model based on your business requirement with full-cost visibility while the traditional model needs huge upfront investment.
  • Governance: Organizations with the traditional model would operate with a manual approval process compared to the Cloud model that is policy-based governance.
  • Time to market: DevOps enablement allows business organizations to speed-up the time-to-market of their applications, together with a shorter and more frequent release cycle. Products developed under the traditional model needs to go through an approval process causing delays and such.

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  • Security: Traditionally, many business organizations need to incur additional costs for security appliances and require the experience of an in-house IT team. Compared to a cloud environment where security is already available as a service with industry-leading technologies requiring no up-front expenses, and/or extra in-house staffs.
  • Scalability Requirement: Cloud environment offers end-to-end automation and a standard platform allowing ease of scaling. On the contrary, the traditional model would require extra purchase which is costly, time-consuming, and error-prone.
  • Elasticity: Cloud model offers an architecture ensuring no single point of failure and providing more resources according to change in demand, compared to the traditional model with less resilient systems and limited capacity.

How TP&P Technology can help your business as a cloud managed services provider?



In the modern age of advanced technologies, businesses should be fully aware of the benefits that cloud migrations and digital transformation can bring. For business organizations that are planning for their future IT infrastructure and environment, it’s clear that cloud technology is of high priority and will take the spotlight.

However, one question remained is how companies are going to manage their new cloud-focused IT environment.

Some may already have an in-house team to manage the new environment themselves. Others may consider employing a Managed Servicers Provider (MSP) such as TP&P Technology. This is because managing and administering the new type of cloud environment requires technical expertise, tools and software, and sizable investment into professional IT staff who will help companies to navigate the complexities of the new cloud IT environment.

TP&P Technology provides a road map to help organizations address these specific cloud-related challenges. We have a team of engineers who are highly experienced with industry-leading public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and network, as well as the tools and software requires to implement and get the most out of your new cloud environment.

Our team works collaboratively with your in-house IT teams and business groups to assess your existing environment and select industry-leading DevOps technologies, integrate them with your cloud choices in order to bring operational efficiency to your organization.

For example, TP&P Technology Cloud Service for Azure (Microsoft) or AWS (Amazon) can effectively and efficiently support your business's new cloud environments.

For organizations with existing cloud account (e.g. AWS or Azure), TP&P can help carry out an audit and recommend best practice to reduce security risk and overheads while improving system performance.  For those that are new to cloud technologies and still have a large part of their existing infrastructure housing in the traditional data centers, TP&P can provide recommendations on the proposed architecture of the new cloud environment based on existing infrastructure components. Additionally, our cloud-managed service also ensures reduced overhead and speeds up time-to-market.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cloud-managed services, whether it’s private cloud or public cloud providers like AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), or Google Cloud Platform.

More importantly, providing service focusing on one particular cloud or a particular type of implementation does not seem to be enough anymore. This is because data center still plays a role in existing IT environment of many business organizations and also cloud technologies are increasingly becoming more complex day by day.

Thus Cloud Managed Services Providers need to be able to provide the right combination of services according to unique business requirements, specifically a hybrid cloud model. The success of this effort, quite literally, depends on selecting the right tools and automating the processes involved.

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