Hiring Remote Software Developers Globally: What Businesses Need To Know

Since the advent of Covid-19, remote work has become more common than ever. While remote work situations existed before the pandemic, nowadays, more than ever, business organizations across the globe operate remotely or in a hybrid way. And as many of them indicate they might continue to do so in the near future (or even permanently), some are starting to realize the huge potential benefits. In addition, many software developers are now expressing their desire for continued remote work to remain a viable option in the workforce. And remote working has never been easier, with software like Zoom and Slack allowing software developers to do their jobs from anywhere in the world.

Can hiring software developers around the world help your business? Here we will consider the benefits and challenges of hiring and managing remote software developers internationally.

The advantages of hiring remote software developers

1. Financial benefits for software developers and employers

A recent survey conducted by Deloitte in 2020 found that 70% of companies are motivated by cost savings when outsourcing their software development projects. A major benefit for employers who hire international workers, including software developers, for US companies is that labour can be more accessible outside the US. The US dollar is the main currency and accounts for 60% of official foreign currency reserves by 2021.

For companies, this means you can pay employees a lower salary in US dollars, but in the context of foreign markets, they will earn more. Besides, not only can they take advantage of modern work-from-home software, but they can also make you pay less for the same quality of work. In most cases, these agreements can be of great benefit to employers and software developers. In addition to the salary savings for their own employees, US employers can also save an additional 7.65% in social security contribution taxes on domestic software developers and Medicare. These huge savings can allow US companies to use the money for other purposes to help their businesses grow.

2. Access to top global talent

HackerRank conducted a survey, asking 7,000 employers what the most important challenge was in recruiting talent, 41% chose a lack of talents as their biggest challenge. Therefore, starting a remote software development team at your company will give you access to untapped local markets and a never-ending source of qualified foreign talent. Another reason to hire international software developers is to broaden your search for expertise. Talent knows no nationality; qualified professionals are not limited to the US.

In addition, hiring employees in different time zones allows you to have software developers working on the project around the clock. Example: Hiring people from different parts of the world can increase the development capacity and support for the team due to the immediate work. When a developer in Vietnam go to take a walk in the park after a productive day, his colleague in California can work on the same project, even the same task, without disruption.

Of course, this comes with complications for collaborative work. But with proper planning and organization, local and international software developers can work together with a lot of overlap.

3. Benefits for the company's international perspective

Hiring international software developers will increase cultural diversity in your company. International software developers can make unique contributions to a company and offer multiple perspectives to enrich the company's culture and lead to success. Especially if your company has a presence in a foreign market, it is very beneficial to have international software developers who can better understand how to succeed in that market.

The challenges of hiring remote software developers

1. Establishing A Common Language

In addition to the potential advantages, hiring international software developers also brings its own set of challenges. An obvious concern is the potential language barrier, which is why it's crucial to establish a common language for all workplace communication. Since many countries use English as a second language, using it as the primary language of communication among employees is often your best bet. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, with over 1.35 billion speakers worldwide.

For example, a development team decides to use project management software that can be accessed from the cloud so that any team member can access information from anywhere in the world. However, if the instructions are in English only, company employees who are not native English speakers will find it difficult to use the new system. They need to be taught how the new system works and the different nodes work, and this will definitely slow down their production.

2. The Logistics Of Training

Training your team to fully comprehend your products and services is a challenge that comes with remote hiring. This can be done through live video training calls, online tutorials and web resources, or even by submitting samples of your product. Keep in mind that a potential lack of familiarity with your company can cause difficulties for new hires - even existing employees at your headquarters - so it may take time to adjust.

Video conferencing is an important component of remote work that you need to use with international software developers. It has skyrocketed in popularity, with programs like Zoom and Google Meet replacing face-to-face meetings. However, it can be detrimental if the internet or power supply runs out. Ideally, business owners should be prepared and have alternative ways to contact employees if they are away for a video call or not in the office. This can include calling your mobile phone or sending text or email messages. Social media sites like WhatsApp can offer other ways to communicate with software developers in these situations.

The Future Of The International Remote Workforce

There are many advantages to hiring international workers, including software developers, remotely. You can save money while growing your business and taking advantage of modern technology. Many well-known companies have already had international software developers.

As remote work becomes more common, companies are more likely to hire globally than ever before. If you want to grow your business and stick to your budget, hiring international software developers could be the next best step for your business.