How DevOps Is A Breadwinner In Digital Transformation

Businesses around the world are eager to step into the realm of industry 4.0. Digital transformation is one of the common digital moves. Despite having access to cutting edge technology, many organizations can’t embrace its power and can’t manage to harness the power of technology to stay ahead of the curve.

At this point, we believe that all business owners do know that technology is not everything when it comes to digital transformation; it’s the human factor instead. Robust infrastructure automation and well-chosen team collaboration are the key factors to stay ahead of the digital transformation game.

Therefore, adopting DevOps practices is necessary. Businesses need to endorse the DevOps mindset to transform and compete in the market without sacrificing quality and productivity.

How DevOps is a Breadwinner?

Earlier, we have defined the definition of DevOps. Clearly, DevOps contributes to the enterprise’s success by impacting on the cultural mindset of the business.

The first reason for making   DevOps a game-changer is its ability to break down the silos between IT and business operations, bringing consistent levels of productivity, efficiency, and service delivery. This affects the release of new products or features speed.

Second, DevOps helps to fix bugs easier because of the automating toolchains. 

Third, because DevOps’s automation can significantly improve the developers’ productivity and help them focus more on innovation.

Let’s get deep into how businesses can obtain the benefits

How DevOps Is A Breadwinner In Digital Transformation

Faster Deployment

Using DevOps strategies, businesses can deploy new processes and systems rapidly compared to traditional ways because DevOps uses Agile programming techniques to link project development and operations. IT departments can deploy the products 200 times more often with more spare time to do other tasks.  This is really advantageous viewing from a business perspective, therefore, this is one of the main benefits that business owners want to gain when applying DevOps to their businesses.

Better Security 

DevOps can combine with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-powered technologies to augment the security system. They offer a centralized logging architecture for users to record and root out any suspicious activity on the network, which helps mitigate the impacts of cyberthreats (hackers attack). 

Ensuring Team Collaboration

In medium to large enterprises, the developer team and the operation team are almost separated. Each team functions in parallel: one is responsible for coding fast while the other has to ensure minimal disruption. Balance is necessary. Both teams, in order to successfully release or develop any products, need to work in unison. 

Some of the common problems with product development via traditional development models are communication gaps preventing both teams from working effectively. Ad hoc impacting product stability and release cycles, lack of communication channel, confusion over who is in charge of what, geographically segregated teams stumble upon time zones challenges, etc. 

DevOps, the name speaks for itself: Development and Operation. This method of working creates automated workflows for SDLC (systems development life cycle) and allows the integration of collaboration tools. 

Improving Customer Experience

Because of the mentioned reason why DevOps can enhance the team’s collaboration when it combines with AI-based technologies, the collaboration has a direct and instant impact on organizational productivity, leading to a high level of service and resulting in highly satisfied customers.

Cross-skilling and self-improvement

When an organization provides chances for its employees to work together despite their background differences, everyone gets benefits. Both development and operation teams can learn from each other when they collab. We don’t just mean the technical skills, their soft skills can also be improved: communication skills, language skills, time management, teamwork, and more importantly, leadership traits.

A workplace where creates an environment for its employees to learn and grow is surely an ideal working place, this somewhat affects employees’ commitment.

Increasing the problem-solving abilities 

During any process, of course, there are lying problems. The longer it takes to fix it, the more money it costs. Business owners all want to solve any issue occurring as soon as possible. Implementing DevOps processes can help them do that quicker.  

When not to adopt this new working culture?

One small note for you when it comes to DevOps is when you shouldn’t adopt DevOps, this is fairly important. We strongly recommend do not use it in a mission-critical application like power, bank, bitcoin, and other sensitive data sites because these applications need strict access controls on the production environment and management policy. 


So you see, DevOps implementation can bring a hugely positive effect on your business, and now you know the reasons. If you have any questions about DevOps or need any digital transformation consulting services, TP&P Technology, a trusted software development company in Vietnam is right here. Our team will be glad to help.