How To Improve Software Testing Efficiency In Software Development Process

A common scenario is that as software application scales, the costs of testing and quality control rise — costs rise, yet problems are still there. A skilled QA expert will recognize that such a stalemate is the result of the lack of a well-defined approach. Managers can increase the budget as much as they like, but without such a strategy, it will not provide the expected beneficial results.

There are a number of approaches for organizing the testing process, making it more flexible, saving more money, and improving results. 

Let’s find out!

How to improve software testing efficiency in software development process - advice from top software companies in vietnam

Issues, costs and a lack of positive dynamics

The lack of results despite rising QA costs is typical for both large corporations and startups who have recently completed their first round of investment. QA is frequently overlooked by startups in the early stages, and only becomes apparent when investors start to notice it.

However, without modifying the over approach, the premise of “more money, people and effort” does not work. It’s interesting to note that this problem affects businesses of all sizes and scopes of operations. However, if the problem of the quality assurance organization had been reviewed and resolved in a timely manner, the problem might not have arisen.

So, how can you improve quality control efficiency?

The ultimate 7 tips to improve quality control efficiency

These tips are drawn from the practical experience of many quality assurance and software testing service vendors.

The appointment of a supervisor is mandatory

Appoint an effective supervisor. A company, regardless of its capabilities, needs an expert responsible for quality control, prioritization and strategy development. This specialist is still required even if part of the work is outsourced.

Integrate quality control into software development outsourcing

QA experts should be involved in the product development process. As a result, they will gain a better understanding of the application, allowing them to review and change the development process more quickly. Individual stages of the lifecycle are maintained by testers, resulting in timely and useful input. This is a quick technique to make changes to the development.

Quality control is a priority

Quality control must be put on the priority list of any software development project: from mobile app development, web app development to other custom software building projects. Many businesses make the mistake of believing that the QA team's job is to inspect the finished product for faults that have already occurred. This is a false belief. It is, nonetheless, more productive and smarter to eliminate the chances of errors and bugs during the building stage. Not just expenses but profits are generated by a well-organized QA department.

Integrate QA In Advanced, if The Mentioned Step Is Executed

According to the project analysis, firms that employ quality assurance professionals during the design and development stage have a better probability of finishing and successfully delivering the project on time.

Some issues will be resolved during the course of the project, while some will not appear at all.

Workflow automation to the max

Look for techniques to automate the execution and assessment of routine tests. This advice should not be interpreted as a "recommendation" to go all-in on full automation. Scripting and testing, as well as regular monitoring, can suck up nearly all of your money and time. Looking for simple, small effective solutions that won't stifle your productivity. It is worthwhile to invest the money in an Automation QA engineer and in additional services.

These resources can also be applied to future projects.

Expanding the working audience

Use crowdsourcing or collective mind. Instead of employing additional experts, enlist the help of your existing staff to do functional exploratory testing and write test cases.

Use the QAOps framework

Use the QAOps framework, which is one of the DevOps practices. There are three steps in this workflow: (1) the correct tests should be chosen, (2) implement them, (3) and report the results.

These three phases come together and are optimized to give scalability, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Learn from other's mistakes

Other's mistakes can teach you a lot. After analyzing some real-life QA issues, we can confidently say that only a well-developed testing strategy can fix the problems. Adding more resources to the problem is not solving!

Remember that the following simple and straightforward algorithm will save your business from serious issues and losses caused by an ineffective quality assurance system:

  • Make a decision on who will be in charge
  • Integration is a must
  • Prioritize QA
  • Plan ahead of time for QA
  • Automate the process as much as feasible
  • Increase the number of people who are able to participate from your existing human resources
  • Don't forget the QAOps framework

Although hiring more QA personnel is not a "solution", it is occasionally important to bring in testing professionals to key positions!