How To Select and Implement the Right Software Solution For Businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the business world like never before. Organizations around the world pivoted and adopt new technologies to enable remote work and facilitate to carry on business activities through online channels as usual. The business world is becoming increasingly dependant on technologies and the need to adopt and implement new software systems doesn't seem to slow down anytime soon.

In the new business landscape, virtually nobody and no organization wants to be left behind. Business leaders are turning to advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to gain a competitive advantage and have a better understanding of customer behaviors and business performance.

Still, there's no one size fit all solution when it comes to using technologies to solve business challenges. The tech solution of last year may become unfit for the challenges this year and so on. 

In this article, let's consider a number of factors that organizations need to pay attention to when purchasing and implementing new software systems.

Pay Attention to The People

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being thrown around all the time and everywhere these days. But does your organization really need AI? Does AI can actually solve your business challenges at hand? Again, different business problems require different solutions. 

As a matter of fact, all software development and implementation endeavors can only succeed with human excellence. No software development projects can come to life and be put into use without humans. In fact, human employees are just as important as customers in many cases, and organizations must build a digital-ready culture to be agile and flexible enough to compete in this new digital economy.


The new software development and implementation endeavor will not only need to be completed to incorporate the right technology but also to inspire people to embrace the changes that will occur with the transformation at hand.

If organizations kick start their digital transformation during the pandemic and expect a successful outcome, then they have to keep in mind the people who would play the critical roles in operating the brand new, modern software tools.

In particular, employees on the ground are actually the people best fit to solve the specific problems that your business facing. Technologies should help them do their jobs well and be more efficient. It’s important to listen to them and understand the concerns your employees are having and help provide the necessary training so that they could develop their skills and spend their efforts effectively.

Think about the problems you're trying to solve using technology

Generally speaking, business problems are always there and what is changing is how organizations implement new software systems to solve those challenges. Technology plays an important role here. Successful business organizations nowadays understand that investing in better, modern technology can provide optimal business results and lead to better outcomes in the long term. 

Many organizations and companies are now allocating a considerable amount of their budgets to adopt new technologies. Specifically, software systems and tools can be used to enable many business activities as well as optimize the processes related to engaging with customers and customer support, sales and marketing (e.g. CRM), manufacturing and inventory management (e.g. ERP), and overall data-driven decision making.

Thus, adopting the right technologies and software programs is a must to help solve specific business problems successfully. 

Additionally, bringing in new technology is often a good time to assess your processes. The world changes, new opportunities arise where many activities can now be conducted via digital channels instead of face-to-face, so organizations should be open to them.

Look for technology products or software vendors with sufficient expertise that delivered similar projects before

Nowadays, many companies hire external technology consultants or service providers to help them with each new digital project implementation which requires specific industry knowledge. This method can be useful.

But whether you're choosing a software development outsourcing provider or selecting software yourselves, look out for vendors who have a track record of working on similar software development projects before.

Ask for a referral

It may seem obvious but most people do not regularly take advantage of their networks. Find out how and what other people who have the same problems did to improve businesses through technology. Reach out to them or ask for a referral of a trusted vendor who can help with your software project's implementation.

For off-the-shelf solutions, companies can check out the products reviewed by existing customers to have an understanding and see how such a product can stack up against other alternative solutions. 



Organizations around the globe are undertaking digital transformation at a rapid rate. Purchasing or developing new software systems can be a complex and demanding endeavor. Implementing the wrong type of software solutions can be a costly mistake. Thus, it's important organizations approach this with a sound plan, and focus on the solution that can actually help solve the problems and generate the added value as needed.

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