Top Software Engineering Skills To Look For In Your Offshore Development Centers 2021 - 2022

As digital transformation demands emerge, we can't deny the massive contribution of offshore software development centres. The need for high-quality software developers has increased drastically with no signs of slowing down. 

According to The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, software engineering jobs are expected to rise at a rate of 22 per cent in the next 8 years, outpacing all other occupations combined. Within the United States solely, there are more than 4.4 million software developers already. However, with the current demands of software engineers and developers, the global market needs more than that. This is where offshore development centres come into the scene.

Many tech giants have chosen to invest and outsource their human capital to an IT service providing vendor. This article will provide you with a hint of top software engineering skills to look for in a high-quality software outsourcing company.

Top Software Engineering Skills To Look For In Your Offshore Development Centers 2021 - 2022

Top Software Companies Equal Being Proficient In Different Programming Languages

Besides different development methodologies, the number of services offered, the programming language should be the first cues of a top software development company.

With ongoing upgrades and advances, we often see alternative technologies outperform each other. Hence, a skilled software development team should always be thrilled to improve their skillsets. 

A qualified ODC never limits itself to just one or two languages. You should look for a company that is proficient in different programming languages and frameworks. They should always be learning and updating new technology trends, but first, they should have the expertise in the fundamentals. 

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Software companies that are willing to adopt new methodologies and frameworks are the ones that can stay competitive in the tech industry. 

Agility starts with every single member of the developing team. Top software companies always search for employees that can demonstrate a high level of change and learning adaptability rather than someone who has all technical skills but lacks curiosity or flexibility.

As a client, you can view the corporate profile and look for their corporate culture: whether they allow their employees to grow and encourage them to learn.

Cloud Architecture

The demand for cloud experts are increasing as more many businesses are moving their software to the cloud due to the benefit it offers. Now it's the era of cloud-based solutions. You'll rarely see traditional on-premise server architectures in the next 5 years. 

Any successful IT infrastructure is heavily depended on the cloud. IT professionals with cloud expertise can make a big influence on the type of cloud infrastructure deployed as well as the adopting rate. It is predicted that by the end of 2021, the cloud computing market will grow 35 per cent more than last year.

As a result, your potential ODC should have the cloud managed services. They should have a team of qualified individuals with advanced hands-on experience with cloud architecture.

Data Analytics and Data Management

Big data and data science are no longer new fields in the tech industry. Nowadays we can come across many big data services; in fact, data scientist and big data analyst are one of the promising jobs in 2021 - 2022.

Since data grows exponentially, the quality and quantity as well as the opportunities it provides for business will also grow. Therefore, remember to look for ODC that's willing to learn and improve on data-related skills like artificial intelligence and machine learning or big data analytics. Also, when it comes to data governance, skills in cybersecurity domain are crucial.

Time Management

Since COVID19 has affected all of us, working from home is now the new normal. This leads to working hours clash with personal time. An expertise in time management will help the software team to make the most out of their time and achieve their goals.

Leadership skill

Adaptation, virtual corporation and digital transformation require distributed leadership and self-managed team. This involves the leadership skills in all employees, including managers and executives.

With great leadership skills, the software development team can:

1. Define their strategic goals to set priorities.
2. Manage time and effort appropritately.
3. Assign tasks to others in order to expand the team's capacity and abilities. 
4. Make sure that all stakeholders are fully engaged and aligned via efficient communication.