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05 Nov 2019
Why Businesses Outsource QA & Software Testing? And, How to choose the right QA Outsourcing Vendor?

For many software development projects, QA testing is usually performed directly by in-house team to make sure any error, no matter how small, is identified and fixed before they turn into larger p...

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30 Oct 2019
Why should businesses outsource software development when they can do it in house?

Why do businesses decide to outsource their software development projects when they can do it in-house? Such question is very often asked by many business executives before embarking on their softw...

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29 Oct 2019
How Much Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Development Cost In 2019?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are among the most buzzed words in the IT industry in 2019 with a plethora of AI based solutions that transform business processes in various...

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23 Oct 2019
AI Implementation: Top 10 Factors to Consider

In our previous blog posts, we have mentioned that AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ML (Machine Learning) technology is being adopted by businesses across industries, from Manufacturing to Finance to R...

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21 Oct 2019
AI Strategy and Implementation

In the new digital economy with an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses constantly need to innovate and transform themselves by adopting Data-driven solutions as well as AI development...

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18 Oct 2019
TP&P Technology participated in the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019 – Oct 2nd - 4th, 2019

Alongside other hundreds of other exhibitors participated in the event, our team at TP&P Technology engaged with the audience, showcase our services and got to experience many interesting sessions...

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17 Oct 2019
How Predictive Analytics Applications Development Can Help Solve Business Problems?

In the simplest form of explanation, predictive analytics refers to the creation of machine learning models taking into business data and statistical algorithms to forecast the probabilities of cer...

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11 Oct 2019
Product Development Solution: Top Factors to Consider for a Good Development Strategy

A good product development strategy will allow your business to have a thorough planning and well-executed development project, ultimately setting your product apart from many competitors in an inc...

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10 Oct 2019
How AI solutions development can help transform supply chain management?

Supply chain plays a critical role in ensuring success of many businesses in various industry today. With digital transformation happening across all business industries, supply chain management th...

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04 Oct 2019
Top 5 Benefits of Data Analytics Outsourcing for Businesses

In the past decades, many business organizations were looking to outsource many of their IT activities and business functions to offshore software development companies. Recently, data analytics is...

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01 Oct 2019
Why most business should outsource their AI & Machine Learning Development Projects?

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are increasingly becoming important to businesses as an advanced tool to help extract valuable insights out of the vast amount of data they collected, as well...

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12 Sep 2019
Working with Vietnam Python Development Companies: How to choose the right engagement model?

In the recent years, Python’s popularity has surged and become one of the mainstay programming languages for business to leverage and develop their products (e.g. Dropbox, Netflix, Spotify etc.)....

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