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29 May 2020
IT Outsourcing: Top 3 Destinations In Asia For Cost-Effective Solutions

Big names in the technology industry like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and in the future, probably Apple as well all have parts of their businesses outsourced to Vietnam. So what makes Vietnam so attract...

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28 May 2020

Seeing many companies keep transforming their business while yours doesn’t show any progress might be a little bit frustrating. But are they really moving toward their digital transformation goals?

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26 May 2020
Digital Transformation Consulting Services Guideline 2020

Digital transformation consultants (DTCs) can bring multiple values and benefits to organizations to overcome the challenges by analyzing companies’ infrastructure and finding key gaps in the servi...

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25 May 2020
Digital Transformation: Decoding 3-common Transformation Strategy Mistakes

Are you doing a bunch of research about digital transformation before jumping into it? ‘Digital transformation’, this concept is no longer a brand new idea, especially in developed countries like t...

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15 May 2020
Product Development Outsourcing: Top Recommendations For Successful Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing product development, many businesses are struggling to choose which vendors to go to. One of the first factors involved in outsourcing is the size of their potential st...

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14 May 2020
Top 5 It Outsourcing Trends For Any Successful Business

IT outsourcing (ITO) is a bridge between skilled expertise and business, a solution for increasing efficiency and managing risk. Since an ITO market covers a large range of technical matters, there...

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11 May 2020
The important roles of developers in Digital Transformation

Generally, the management teams will rely on in-house IT departments, and their team of software developers to make digital transformation a successful endeavor. Typically, developers will be respo...

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07 May 2020
ERP Solution vs Accounting Software: What are the Difference?

Today, many businesses rely on accounting software to help them manage their financial and accounting operations. A typical accounting software solution comprises various modules which help account...

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26 Apr 2020
Digital Transformation Services In Vietnam in 2020

Like the rest of the world, the growing economy of Vietnam is undergoing a digital transformation, increasing keeping up with other nations in the South-East Asia region - capturing the attention o...

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23 Apr 2020
How to Kick-start your Organization's Digital Transformation

The term digital transformation is perhaps one of the biggest buzzwords in the IT industry lately. Still, many business organizations still haven’t been able to jump-start their digital information...

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19 Apr 2020
ERP Solution for Small-Medium Business

It’s very common to see many SMB and start-ups operate their businesses by relying heavily on manual processes and spreadsheets for reporting and decision making. For businesses that are still in t...

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16 Apr 2020
Software Solutions Development for Supply Chain Management in Industry 4.0

Today, in the new Industry 4.0, or the “fourth industrial revolution”, business organizations are constantly looking for new ways to leverage new technologies to their manufacturing operations. Spe...

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