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08 Jul 2019
Big Data Analytics for manufacturing businesses: How to leverage existing data for insights?

We are in the midst of digital economy where businesses are generating vast amounts of data on a daily basis. Specifically, manufacturing companies produce tons of data through their enterprise app...

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04 Jul 2019
How to benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies and Machine Learning (ML) in Data Analytics

Contrary to the popular belief that advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are going to take employment opportunities away, leaving skilled and unskill...

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02 Jul 2019
Healthcare Software Development Services - Top 7 Important Factors to Consider

Custom software development is increasingly recognized as an important part of healthcare businesses in the new digital economy. Generally speaking, healthcare software projects have a variety of i...

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27 Jun 2019
Offshore software outsourcing services and web application development

Even though we are transitioning into a mobile first world in the new digital economy, web applications still play an important role in helping businesses to connect and directly engage with their...

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25 Jun 2019
How to Successfully Develop a Mobile Application for Your Businesses?

Today, mobile app is becoming more and more presence in our lives. Everything we do from work, to entertainment, and shopping etc. mobile apps play an important role in facilitating the process and...

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20 Jun 2019
Software Product Development Outsourcing Services for Startups - TP&P Technology Vietnam

Outsourcing the software product development could be a great solutions for startups to start launching their product into market at a budget cost and within a reasonable timeframe. For startups, w...

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19 Jun 2019
Why Software Development Outsourcing is Important for Startup Businesses?

In order for start-ups to effectively compete in one of such competitive business conditions, their founders need to be able to strategize and prioritize their operations so that their core product...

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12 Jun 2019
Big Data Analytics Use Cases & Consulting in Business - TP&P Technology (Vietnam) Blog

Big data analytics provides a competitive edge for business organizations across various industries. It enables businesses to transform and improves operations by minimizing risks, reduce overheads...

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11 Jun 2019
Why a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is necessary for Mobile App Development? - TP&P Technology Vietnam

Today, mobile application is becoming increasingly more present than ever in our everyday lives – from shopping, to entertainment, and various business tasks. Many businesses are transitioning to m...

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07 Jun 2019
Hire Blockchain Developers in Vietnam - Blockchain Development Company | TP&P Technology

When it comes to blockchain software development, many organizations usually consider the two options of either hiring Blockchain specialist in-house or hiring offshore developers. Today, Vietnam e...

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03 Jun 2019
Hire Dedicated Team of Qualified Software Developers in Vietnam - TP&P Technology

Today, business organizations have come to realized that in order to remain competitive in the new digital economy, their business software development teams have to keep innovating to deliver soft...

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31 May 2019
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions Development - How NLP is applied in Business?

Today, companies are drowning in an overwhelming amount of data which is critical for their digital transformation needs and also necessary for other business operations activities. It’s worth noti...

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