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28 May 2019
Top 5 Advantages of using Flutter for Mobile Application Development

When it comes to mobile app development, many companies often encounter the issues of budget limitation and also the need to introduce the app to market in within a short period of time. Native app...

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24 May 2019
Hire Skilled Data Scientists in Vietnam for Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development | TP&P Technology

Without data scientists and machine learning engineers turning raw data into actionable insights, data is just data sitting in silos providing zero value. Today, more and more business organization...

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22 May 2019
Benefits of Mobile Application Development for Small-Medium Enterprises (SME)

In 2019, more and more businesses organizations, especially small and medium businesses have started to understand and realized the value of developing their own mobile application in order to comm...

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20 May 2019
Data Science and Analytics: Key Factors For a Good Data Strategy - TP&P Technology Vietnam

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as well as Data Science and Analytics are becoming key to competitive advantage - allowing businesses to innovate and compete...

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15 May 2019
Top 7 Technologies for Web Application Development in 2019

As a business owner, when it comes to web technology, it’s important that you choose the right technologies in order to improve your product’s performance, and usability to provide customers with a...

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09 May 2019
Machine Learning Solutions Development: The Importance of Predictive Analytics in Sales and Marketing Activities

We are in the midst of the digital economy, where business data is generated at a very enormous volume on a daily basis (2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day), and deriving insights out of such data...

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08 May 2019
TP&P Technology is Certified Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner - Vietnam

In the age of digital transformation, the majority of businesses are moving away from legacy system of traditional on-premises CRM to cloud-based CRM solution (Salesforce CRM) to address availabili...

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04 May 2019
Custom Web Application Development Services for Businesses in 2019 - TP&P Technology

The industry of web application development is constantly evolving with the introduction and adoption of new technologies (e.g. Chatbots, Recommender system, etc.) to meet the increase in demand of...

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02 May 2019
Blockchain Software Development for Supply Chains - TP&P Technology Vietnam

In the recent years, Blockchain technology has been adopted by various industries in order to improve and solving many specific industry-related problems. Blockchain provides companies a secure way...

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26 Apr 2019
Software Development Outsourcing: How to Choose a Reliable Outsourcing Partner That is Suitable for Your Business?

We are in the midst of digital transformation where many business operations and activities are carried out by the use of software. Those companies that are looking to turn their ideas into workin...

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24 Apr 2019
The Important Roles of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Digital Transformation

Businesses across multiple industries are going through digital transformation with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) playing a significant role ensuring the success of busines...

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18 Apr 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Use Cases for Mobile App Development - TP&P Technology

It’s a mobile-first world, so mobile application is still one of the critical channels that business organizations use to interact, communicate, and taking care of their customers as well as potent...

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