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27 Feb 2020
The importance of ERP Solutions for Business

Today, technology is becoming more accessible than ever, where small and medium businesses can acquire advanced tools that are previously available to only large enterprises. In particular, when...

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20 Feb 2020
Cyber-Security Readiness: Top 5 Things for Companies to do to improve security readiness

As we are in the midst of digital transformation, many companies are embarking upon changing and digitizing their operation processes. With advanced technologies come new cyber-security threats whe...

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18 Feb 2020
Digital Transformation: How to Create a Successful Strategy that Works

The new digital economy is getting more competitive than ever. In order to thrive and keep up with the market, companies have to innovate themselves and become adaptable to new changes, especially...

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13 Feb 2020
Web App Development: Top Skills to Become a Successful Front-End Developer In 2020

In the previous blog post, we examined the technologies and trends that are expected to become popular for web application development in 2020. And speaking of web application development, front-en...

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13 Feb 2020
Web Application Development: Trends & Technologies For 2020

Web application development is an area of the IT industry that constantly evolves, along with the advancement technologies and tools for web development. As a result, web developers – in order to d...

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07 Feb 2020
OCR Solutions Development: Top KEY BENEFITS and Use Cases in Various Business Industries.

In the recent years, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has become one of the most widely adopted technologies for business to streamline their process. OCR, leveraged together with oth...

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05 Feb 2020
TP&P Technology Among Top Software Development Companies in Vietnam by Goodfirms.Co

Goodfirms.co is one of the most popular platforms providing verified ratings and reviews of IT & Software Companies. And now, our track record of success on Goodfirms.co is proven by 5 stars revie...

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04 Feb 2020
Software Development Consulting Services in 2020: An In-depth Guide

In 2020, it’s becoming apparent that digital transformation is necessary for organizations to thrive and compete in the new economy. And software development is critical to make digital transformat...

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16 Jan 2020
Tech Talent Pool in Vietnam for Java, Python, JavaScript and other emerging technologies

The issue of shortage in skilled IT professionals doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon, especially in the developed nations such as USA, UK, and other developed nations. This leads businesses to ou...

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15 Jan 2020
Custom Software Development: Full-stack vs. Mean Stack

With the continuous increase in the mainstream adoption of technology for businesses, custom software development continues to be one of the most in-demand services in the IT industry. Along with t...

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30 Dec 2019
Java Outsourcing Companies: How to choose the right outsourcing partner?

When it comes to custom software development, Java is among the most popular technologies required for developing various projects, ranging from small to large, and enterprise scale. In addition to...

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09 Dec 2019

When it comes to custom software development, shortage of skilled IT professionals and high development costs are among the prominent problems that companies encounter while trying to kick-start th...

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